The objective of this Program is to build up Local Level Leadership and capacity so that marginalized members can be able to advocate for themselves. HUREED trains selected members of marginalized communities in basic law and rights in a course that qualifies them as Community Paralegals. This program enhances access to Justice to the most marginalized communities in Uganda. HUREED community paralegal training course comprises of three modules. The first module profiles the community paralegals and the legal system in Uganda, the Second module deals with criminal law and procedure in Uganda and the third which is the final module takes the trainees through human rights and civil law procedure in Uganda. The training enables paralegals to handle cases for members of their communities. Most of the trained individuals are employed by HUREED as community paralegals and peer educators

Capacity Building being a core activity in YOGA program, HUREED trained community paralegals were employed and they were in position to effectively advocate for their rights and their fellow vulnerable members and upon their employment, each employee was entitled to trainings on how to facilitate at awareness sessions, how to chair both internal and external meetings, how to build self-confidence and how to become a skilled, inspirational, motivational, confident and acknowledged human rights defenders both at HUREED and outside HUREED.

Our Capacity Building trainings were conducted every Saturday and all staff members in all departments come together and attended these trainings with the help of our Executive Director.