The HUREED Research and Advocacy program objective is to enhance research, advocacy And Networking for a just and fair legal and policy environment that promote rights, equality and non-discrimination. The goal is to achieve systemic changes towards the realization of the rights of marginalized persons informed by evidence-based advocacy. Through this program, HUREEED works to contribute towards enhancing an enabling legal and policy environment where the rights of marginalized persons are upheld and respected. The outputs under this program were as follows:

  1. Study on treatment of people living with HIV within the criminal Justice system.
  2. Baseline survey for HIV program among adolescent girls in Uganda.
  3. Youth Grassroots Advocacy.
  4. Advocacy on the people living with HIV
  5. Advocacy on people who use and inject drugs.
  6. Advocacy on people with disabilities
  7. Advocacy on the adolescent girls.
  8. Advocacy on the orphans
  9. Advocacy on the elderly