This program aims at promoting sustainable access to justice for marginalized group in Uganda. It focuses on criminal justice, family justice, and sexual and gender-based violence. It employs legal assistance, research and documentation, legal and human rights education and information education and communication material development and legal aid advocacy. We work to ensure that justice prevails.


We strive to build resilient communities for the underprivileged by assisting them in building their confidence and empowering them economically through business entrepreneurial and vocational skills. We engage people, especially the youths, in economic activities like making shoes, crafts, liquid soap, tailoring, hair dressing, paper bag making among others. We equally see potential in organizing underprivileged people in forming groups to work collaboratively in providing services like: catering services and ushering at specific events. This program is intentional to combat /alleviate poverty among the underprivileged persons in Uganda.


HUREED’s health program’s objective is to promote free and friendly health service delivery and enhance health issues of LGBTQ persons who use and inject drugs and reaching health facilities that can help them. Our main aim in the health program is to reduce on the spread of HIV and improve mental health among these groups through offering free HIV testing, pre and post counseling and guidance, distribution of safety gears like condoms and lubricants as well as conducting some simple mental health sessions like playing group games, and cracking jokes.


The HUREED Research and Advocacy program objective is to enhance research, advocacy And Networking for a just and fair legal and policy environment that promote rights, equality and non-discrimination. The goal is to achieve systemic changes towards the realization of the rights of marginalized persons informed by evidence-based advocacy. Through this program, HUREEED works to contribute towards enhancing an enabling legal and policy environment where the rights of marginalized persons are upheld and respected.

Youth Grassroots Advocacy (YOGA)

The objective of this Program is to build up Local Level Leadership and capacity so that marginalized members can be able to advocate for themselves. HUREED trains selected members of marginalized communities in basic law and rights in a course that qualifies them as Community Paralegals. This program enhances access to Justice to the most marginalized communities in Uganda. HUREED community paralegal training course comprises of three modules. The first module profiles the community paralegals and the legal system in Uganda, the Second module deals with criminal law and procedure in Uganda and the third which is the final module takes the trainees through human rights and civil law procedure in Uganda.


The Community Empowerment Program aims at building capacities and resources for health and human rights. HUREED mobilizes communities and works with existing community networks to create knowledge and awareness in order to bridge the gap between right holders and duty bearers to contribute to the realization of health and human rights.