HUREED strives to create resilient vulnerable communities by building their confidence and empowering them economically through business entrepreneurial and vocational skills. We especially engage youths in economic activities like making shoes, crafts, liquid soap, tailoring, hair dressing, and paper bag making among other activities. We see equality potential in organizing vulnerable persons into forming groups to work collaboratively on providing services like catering services and ushering at specific events. This program is intended to combat /alleviate poverty among vulnerable persons in Uganda.

Vulnerable persons in Uganda face a lot of discrimination from the majority population and thus denied job opportunities yet they also have responsibilities and basic needs in their life which keeps them at low rates of economic sustenance. HUREED came up with the economic empowerment program to train them hands-on- skills for example liquid soap making, craft making, paper bag making etc. so that they can start up their own business and improve on their standards of living as well as eradicating poverty among them.