HUREED’S Objectives:

  1. To engage stakeholders in advocacy for the advancement of the underprivileged and marginalized communities right to health especially for vulnerable youths in Central and Eastern Uganda.
  2. To create awareness about human rights and access to essential social services for vulnerable youth in the Rural areas of Central and Eastern Uganda.
  3. To promote the economic empowerment of marginalized youths in Central and Eastern Uganda so as to improve their access to services and enable them to achieve economic sustenance.
  4. To orient stakeholders such as health practitioners on the need for friendly services for vulnerable youths in order to improve uptake of essential HIV prevention and treatments, services and care.
  5. To work with legal aid service providers to address the social and legal needs and challenges facing vulnerable youths in Uganda.
  6. To provide capacity enhancement and support to vulnerable youths through skills training and enhancement at various levels in order to support empowerment of the general community in which they live.


In Uganda underprivileged persons are often discriminated against and stigmatized. Legal and policy prejudice have hindered access to services and the enjoyment of right to health. The underprivileged community continues to be attacked and beaten unlawfully and faces social exclusion, family rejection, denial of health services and unemployment.    

It’s from the above background HUREED was founded to give a platform for all underprivileged and marginalized persons to share experiences and help members feel at home, build their confidence and empower them economically through business entrepreneurial and vocational skills.   


HUREED is incorporated under the laws of Uganda as a company limited by guarantee and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization with Registration number 80020002051137.
It also has a Certificate of Registration for Community Based Organization (BDLG/CBO 494/2020) under   the Buikwe District Local Government.
HUREED also registered with Lugazi Municipality Council and it has a certificate.


Human Rights and Economic Empowerment Development (HUREED) is a Uganda based nonprofit, non-governmental, organization established in 2017 seeking to promote the highest standard of rights health and economic wellbeing for all underprivileged Ugandans through providing support, information, tackling violence, stigma and discrimination and advocating for equitable access to health, legal justices and social inclusion. Our overarching goal is to represent and advocate for the rights, needs and best interests of all marginalized persons issues in Uganda as well as empowering the community to recognize and work towards resolving issues and challenges faced by underprivileged persons in Uganda and focus mainly on the Central and Eastern Rural areas of Uganda. 

HUREED promotes and protects the rights of marginalized groups in Uganda, through monitoring human rights in the communities and documenting human rights violations that individuals experience in accessing health services, social services, and justice. We partner with activists, human rights defenders, and peer educators.

We are a group of activists and human rights defenders who record data about human rights violations experienced by individuals and advocate for them at a national level.
HUREED addresses human rights violations and abuses perpetrated against marginalized Ugandans to concerned government and non-government institutions so that the perpetrators are punished and to ensure the victims gets justice


HUREED, formerly known as Human Rights and Economic Empowerment Development, was founded by a group of people who were experiencing injustices in 2017, and incorporated as a non-profit organization on 22/8/2019. Though focused on the rights of marginalized persons in rural areas of Uganda, HUREED is now active in many areas of Uganda. HUREED is headquartered in Lugazi town –Buikwe district with office branch in Kampala –Namasuba zone.

In 2018 to 2021, HUREED signed a contract with HRAPF to host their Regional legal aid Centre for the Central Region, helping them to handle cases involving marginalized persons in the Central Region of Uganda based in Lugazi-Buikwe district. Through which legal support was provided in over 450 cases, and the partnership was highly successful and this contributed greatly to the achievement of HRAPF’s mission, which they appreciated.

In 2019 HUREED collaborated with Uganda Human Rights Commission and conducted awareness sessions in three sub counties of Buikwe district.

These awareness sessions were carried out by HUREED in its area of work after noticing that there is a huge gap of ignorance in people about their human rights and laws most especially in Central and Eastern rural areas of Uganda. HUREED reached out to the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) and requested them to work together in order to reach out to community people and educate them about their rights and the laws.

Uganda Human Rights Commission facilitated these awareness sessions, and HUREED officer’s organized and educated people about their rights and the laws that a governing the  country.

Our Target Constituencies

  1. Underprivileged and marginalized Ugandans
  2. Homeless Persons
  3. Sex Workers
  4. People who use and inject drugs

Our Mission

  1. Increased access to human rights in terms of access to health and legal success and economic substance for underprivileged and marginalized persons in Uganda. 

Our Vision

  1. To engage stakeholders, provide advocacy and create awareness about human rights, health rights and economic empowerment of the marginalized group to be able to defend their access to services and attain economic sustenance.

Our Values