The organization is established as center of excellence and a viable entity.

HUREED Programmes;

    A. Youth Grassroots Advocacy (YOGA)

Is part of the process to build up local level leadership and capacity so that Minority communities will be able to advocate for themselves. Under the program of YOGA,apattern is being launched through an informal network of grassroots activists (cell)with the perspective of social change!this happens every Sunday with our community Sunday programs where safe spaces for organizing and networking through activities take place e.g. movies open forum discussions,capacity building,psycho-social support through peer education and counseling services.



B. Advocacy And Networking Programme (AANP)

By local and national leaders, politicians and through creating partnerships with strong nationwide organizations and ministries. We create awareness about the existence of marginalized people, sensitize about tolerance for the greater good of Uganda, push for policy and attitude change and Influence the adoption of policies and legislations that promote equity and non-discrimination in society in order to prevent discrimination of marginalized groups.




C. Research And Documentation (RAD)..

HUREED seeks to best practices and outcomes within the complex of the minority movement in Uganda.Violations and acts of discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Uganda persist. These violations range from forced eviction,expulsion and being forced out of schools,family rejection and disownment, physical and mental abuse,black mail and extortion, illegal detention and arbitrary arrests,forced migration,internal displacement, dismissal from work,misrepresentation by and through the media,outing / exposure of individuals by the media  and increased state monitoring and surveillance.

HUREED endeavors to document cases of violence against marginalizedpeople and to harness ground for research on policies, practices and laws that are discriminatory and continue to be used as tools to suppress and abuse the rights of marginalized and most at risk population groups in Uganda.



D. Community Empowerment Programme (CEP).

The community Empowerment program aims at building capacities and resources for health and human rights through this program .HUREED mobilizes communities and works with existing community networks to create knowledge and awareness in order to bridge the gap between right holders and duty bearer to contribute to the realization of health and human rights. The main objectives are:

  • To work with communities to generate empirical evidence for advocacy on health and human rights.
  • To empower communities to demand for policy change in health and human rights.


E. Access To Justice Programme (ATSP)..

This program aims at promoting sustainable access to justice for marginalized group in Uganda.lt focuses on criminal justice, family justice and sexual and gender based violence.
It employs legal assistance, research and documentation, legal and human right education and information education communication material development and legal aid advocacy.We go to the extent of providing legal service support to minority people affected to ensure that justice prevails.
HUREED offers referrals to those in need when necessary and to be a voice for those who feel unable to speak for themselves should the need arise.


F. Economic Empowerment Programme (ECEP)

We strive to resilient marginalized communities by building their confidence and empowering themeconomically through business entrepreneurial and vocational skills. We engage especially the youths in economic activities like making shoes, crafts, liquid soap, tailoring, hair dressing, paper bag making among others. We equally see potential in organizing minority people in forming groups to work collaborative in providing services like: catering services and ushering at specific events. This program is intentional to combat /alleviate poverty among the marginalized persons in Uganda.